Axis Capital Group Insurance: Tips to conserve an energy efficient home

AXIS Capital, is a group of Insurance companies based in Bermuda, London, Dublin, Canada, Australia and Singapore (servicing SE Asian countries as well such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia and many more) who underwrite Energy Insurance provides you these tips in maintaining an energy efficient home.

Heating your home

  • Save the heat in! Enhance your home’s insulation and make it more sealed while making sure there is right ventilation. Caulking and weather stripping are cheap methods to decrease air escape from you home.
  • Open the drapes or blinds and allow the sun in throughout the day to help warm the home and close them when the sun sets.
  • Consistent maintenance of your heating system is essential for both effectiveness and security. Ensure it is done annually.
  • Tidy or change your heater filter no less than every three months for the duration of the heating season.

Improving air circulation

  • Ensure not anything is blocking your heating vents.
  • Use ceiling fans to help spread heat all over the house. One placed near a gas fireplace will make valued hot air down into the living area.
  • Maintain your basement fairly warm. The heat will escalate to the other floors of your home.
  • Close the chimney damper every time you’re not using the fireplace.
  • Clean and vacuum dust or pet hair out of your warm air registers.

The thermostat

Setting up a programmable thermostat might save you money on your heating fee. Reducing the thermostat at bedtime and prior to leaving the house decreases your energy utilization without affecting your comfort.


Old-style wood fireplaces pull significant heat out of the house, while gas fireplaces with sealed units make the most of heat use since firmly fitted glass doors and outdoor air intakes help increase fireplace efficiency.

Air conditioners

  • Tidy your room air conditioner filter at least one time in a season. A dirty air filter is less effective and may break the unit.
  • A badly functioning air conditioner should be repaired instantly: leaking refrigerant is very damaging to the environment.

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