Axis Capital: Tips for first-time life insurance buyers

AXIS Capital is a group of global insurer and reinsurer, providing clients and distribution partners with a broad range of specialized risk transfer products and services, i.e. health insurance. We serve a host of industries and diverse coverage needs through our operating subsidiaries and branch offices in Bermuda, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Singapore and the United States. The company also service SE Asian countries such as Jakarta Indonesia, KL Malaysia and many more.

Know why you need it

Despite the fact most people may require life insurance at some point in their life; it is a warning not to buy a policy just for the reason that you heard it was a good idea.

Even though you don’t have any of these needs instantly, you still may want to think through buying a small “starter” policy, if you forestall you will have them in the future. It is because the younger you are, the less costly life insurance will be.

Conclude the amount of coverage you need

The amount of money your family or heirs will obtain after your passing away is called a death benefit. To ascertain the right amount of life insurance an online calculator, like the one available at Axis site, can be useful. You can as well get an approximate figure by any number of formulas. The simplest way is to merely take your yearly salary and multiply by 8.

Discover the right kind of policy

As soon as you decipher how much coverage you’ll require, you can deliberate regarding the best type of policy to meet your needs.

You have two main choices: Term Life, for a more affordable premium, or Whole Life, for more comprehensive coverage that can add cash value. However you have many choices to explore.

Review the quality of the provider

An insurance policy is simply as good as the company that supports it.

You would like to make certain you pick a company that is not a scam and you can trust on to be there for as long as you’ll need your coverage, and that makes intelligent and steady investments.

Refer a financial professional

A financial professional can aid you factor in financial factors, your needs, and your family’s needs.

Educate your vocabulary

Life insurance can be puzzling, with terms like “premium,” “dividend,” “beneficiary,” and many more. You should learn their terminologies.


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