Help Protect Your Income with Disability Income Insurance

The possibility of sustaining a long-term disability from an accident or illness is something most of us would rather not contemplate. Axis Capital Group in Jakarta understands this very well. However, there is a way to help protect yourself and your family should you lose your ability to earn an income and to stay away from fraud. Disability income insurance can play a key role in your overall financial plan, and provide a benefit to help replace a portion of your income in the event of a total disability.

Evaluate and Review Your Needs

While most people understand the necessity and value of life insurance, many may overlook the valuable role disability income insurance plays in helping to create financial security. How will you support yourself and your family if you cannot work as a result of an accident or illness? For most, Social Security cannot be solely relied on to replace lost wages. One must meet very specific criteria to qualify for disability benefits, and it is often necessary to wait several months for payments to begin.

You may be able to “get by” for a few months on your savings, but if the disability is prolonged, you may exhaust most—or all—of your savings. Further financial hardships may then follow. You may miss mortgage, car, and other credit payments, causing damage to your credit rating. Utility bills, tuition, grocery bills, and business/professional expenses will also continue despite disability and loss of income.

The bottom line is that losing your ability to earn an income may make it difficult to make ends meet. Disability income insurance can be a practical solution to help protect your financial security in the event you become disabled. Axis Capital, a group of companies with branch offices in Bermuda and around the world, provides Disability Income Insurance.

Types of Coverage Available

Depending on your income, the maximum coverage will typically replace 45% to 75% of your pre-disability earnings. The cost of the coverage will depend on such factors as the risk level of your occupation, your age, your health history, and the scope of coverage. Professionally employed individuals are typically in a lower risk category than those engaged in more physically demanding work. Individual disability income insurance is by application and is subject to underwriting approval.

It should also be noted that when you pay the premiums (versus an employer-provided policy), the benefits from individual disability income policies is tax free. If your employer has a salary continuance plan, you should know the dollar amounts of coverage, the waiting period, and the length of payments, so you can coordinate your individual coverage with your employer-provided.



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