Sales Tips for Inexperienced Insurance Agents  


“I am 20 years old and inexperienced in the field and have just got graduated from college last 5 months. I got my first job a month after that. I am the youngest agent in our company and I am still adjusting to the new responsibility.  Is it hard to gain trust from my clients? I appreciate your reply on this. – All the best, Sam from Jakarta, Indonesia”Sam is not the only agent that has been experiencing the culture shock on how hard selling insurance is. Insurance is intangible. Your potential clients cannot see it, cannot measure and feel it and the only thing that you are offering them are words that are most often than not, more expensive than anything. You are actually selling ideas, trust and promises in a hope someone will buy them.

Many young people have given up before they have settled their roots in the industry. Statistics shows that the median age for insurers is 56. Many people reason out that it is too hard and it will take long time to earn.

Axis Capital Group, with its group of Insurance Companies in Bermuda, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States, has listed some tips to avoid fraud for those inexperienced and young insurance agents who wish to find success in this field.

  1. Dress Professionally

–              This one is an obvious tip for everyone but most often, it is overlooked by young agents thinking that bringing their own style of clothing preferences would affect little to the impression. Obviously, if you dress more professionally, clients are more likely to take you seriously. Being professionally can also boost your confidence in facing and selling yourself to the clients. 

  1. Build Rapport

–              One of the most important proponents in building trust is to find common ground with your client. It doesn’t matter if you have different age. There will always be something similar with another person. From there, you can build rapport and win trust.

  1. Talk about their Loved Ones

–              If your prospect is older than you, find out if he/she has a child or grandchild. It is easier to sell insurance when you tell them about the benefits their loved ones will get from what you are selling. While you may be young and inexperienced, if you are more polished than their child, you’ll come off as a real professional by comparison.

  1. Reference Combined Experience

–              Remind your prospects that you are not a fraud by letting out a little air about you. It doesn’t harm if you also let them know that although you are inexperienced, you also have the reference and/or experience that you are good in the field.

  1. Learn from the Experts

–              Young people nowadays, admit it or not, may sometimes think that they are already smart and wise because of the involvement of technology. However, though, nothing beats experience and a little bit of wisdom from those who have already been seniors in the job. Learn everything that you can from those that have already been around for some time.

  1. Be better prepared

–              If your inexperience makes you feel inadequate as a salesperson then find a way to get around it. Work harder, work longer; learn more about your products. Have an answer for every possible question. Read books about sales, listen to sales audio tapes and go to seminars about sales. Get in front of a mirror, a colleague, or a friend and practice your sales scripts, practice your rebuttals, your closes. Nothing comes to you. Prepare yourself and go get it.






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